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mounting homelessness
took the opportunity to tout his ill-informed speculation
It’s un-British to roll out the red carpet for Donald Trump

Life’s Three Most Important Questions (Gospel Light Minute X with Daniel Whyte III)

June 7, 2019, 5:35 PM UTC

At some point over the years, you have probably asked life’s three most important questions: Where did I come from? What is my purpose? And where am I going? Allow me to share with you the answer to each of these questions. The first question is where did I come from? Of course you know... Remo TF-2013-S2-SD99 13 X 2 TF-20 Low Pitch Skyndeep Drumhead

de Blasio with an approval rating in the low 40s, the worst score of his mayoralty.

How to Forget the Troubles, Problems, and Failures of the Past, by Daniel Whyte III

We are living in “times that try men’s souls.” These are truly difficult days for many people around the world. This article is written to encourage you to forget the troubles, problems, and failures of the past and to truly have the best year of your life. If you do what I am encouraging you to... Continue Reading →

ART PRO VLA II - 2 Channel Tube Compressor

God is a very loving, forgiving, and merciful God, and He wants every single person to accept Him as their Savior and come and live with Him in Heaven, forever when they die. But, sadly, a lot of people won’t because they don’t accept Jesus Christ, God’s Son, into their hearts and lives. Jesus Christ... Continue Reading →

Trump: 'I don't see any protests' in London, so they're fake news

Gratitude Is… a Choice, by Daniella Whyte

Most everything we do in life is preceded by a series of choices. The ability to choose is unique to humanity. It is the transformational process of life that effects change and is the only element by which our direction is controlled. Anything worthwhile requires a decision, a choice that we must make in order... Continue Reading →

5 Insights on Prayer from Billy Graham and Anne Graham Lotz

“Deep down he really wants ideas like pre-K for all, guaranteed health care and

“Have you ever said, ‘Well, all we can do now is pray?'” the late Billy Graham once asked. “When we come to the end of ourselves, we come to the beginning of God.” Prayer, that is talking honestly with God, is a gamechanger. Consider the following 5 insights on prayer as you go before the... Continue Reading →

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