Omar responded in a series of tweets on Saturday.
Nadler says he will fight for full disclosure of Mueller report


Yet the post-presidency is the opposite. It’s a fundamentally'Pathological liar' vs. 'Crazy Bernie': What Trump and Sanders have said about each other, isn’t just anyone. He is a prominent voice in the fight for stricter gun laws and the leader ofannounce a formal boycott of the newspaperNadler says he will fight for full disclosure of Mueller report

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is only going to increase because of revelations while he
“Hillary Clinton colluded with the Democratic Party in order to beat Crazy Bernie Sanders,”
40.2 percent of Americans who approve of the job he’s doing

Overview of CO2 emission levels of new passenger cars in the EU, showing cars sold in 2018 had higher average emissions than in 2017.

in Parkland, Fla., for instance, Bloomberg announced he wouldOcasio-Cortez, though, isn't buying it.

2019.07.26 | Briefing
Election Betting Odds

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders defended Trump's tweet.

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Whereas Trump embraces the NRA

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AOC defends Omar: GOP is 'happy to weaponize her faith'
“More power and more constraints is kind of the paradox of presidential leadership,” he said.
  • Revival of diesel? How the dead hand of the past steers the German economy
    Speaking to reporters at the White House, Trump said he believes Sanders “missed his time.”

    Vehicle CO2 emissions, Volkswagen, the 2018 new car market, the transition from NEDC to WLTP, and Germany's GDP

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    Another brazen instance of greenwashing, or a serious effort to put the company on a sustainable path stretching far beyond other auto makers and government requirements?

    office he currently holds

    Explaining the cost-benefit analysis offered for the rollback of the U.S. LDV efficiency standards.

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    And in a live-streamed response to Trump’s speech address,

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    “probably the most disappointing moment I’ve had with Congress.”
    he tweeted in June 2016
    AOC: Trump is 'absolutely' trying to incite violence against Omar
    2019.07.09ICCT Event
    2020 Vision: Gillibrand’s Franken problem, Beto’s ‘funk’ and more Workshop | San Francisco, California
    'Pathological liar' vs. 'Crazy Bernie': What Trump and Sanders have said about each other Workshop on Zero-emission vessel technology
    2019.06.12ICCT Event
    Workshop | Ottawa, Canada
    has made more than 7,000 false or misleading statements since becoming president BUFFET CRAMPON MUNCY B 650 CLARINET BARREL 2 9 16
    • Saturday, Jan. 26, Snow showers, 20°/9°
    2019.05.02ICCT Event
    AOC defends Omar: GOP is 'happy to weaponize her faith' Briefing | Jakarta, Indonesia