urged residents of the French capital to stay away
— With Christopher Wilson contributing.


his op-ed posted online Tuesday night— Paris Match (@ParisMatch)facing criminal investigationsEarlier, officials had expressed fear the entire cathedral could be lost.— With Christopher Wilson contributing.

Catching defeat devices

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“Mitt’s a straight shooter,” Trump said in June.
. “The treasure of the Cathedral is intact, the Crown of thorns, the Holy sacraments.”
a Washington Post op-ed

Overview of CO2 emission levels of new passenger cars in the EU, showing cars sold in 2018 had higher average emissions than in 2017.

Smoke could be seen billowing from miles away. 2019.08.07 | Mogami 3162 AES EBU Digital DB25 DSUB D-Sub Yamaha Pinout 50 Foot 50 ft. 50'

Tlaib’s spokesman said in a statement Friday morning— Patrick Galey (@patrickgaley)

2019.07.26 | Briefing
used an expletive in vowing to impeach Trump


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“We’re gonna go in and impeach the motherf*****,” she said.

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Elizabeth Warren launches 2020 exploratory committee
  • Revival of diesel? How the dead hand of the past steers the German economy

    Vehicle CO2 emissions, Volkswagen, the 2018 new car market, the transition from NEDC to WLTP, and Germany's GDP

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    Another brazen instance of greenwashing, or a serious effort to put the company on a sustainable path stretching far beyond other auto makers and government requirements?

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    “He was endorsing me; I wasn’t endorsing him,” Romney said.

    Explaining the cost-benefit analysis offered for the rollback of the U.S. LDV efficiency standards.


    toujours en flamme captée par le drone de la police (via

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    Earlier that same day, Trump reiterated his appreciation for walls and wheels on Twitter.


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    “I will always speak truth to power,”
    The Gothic cathedral is one of the world’s most famous tourist attractions.
    Earlier that same day, Trump reiterated his appreciation for walls and wheels on Twitter.
    2019.07.09ICCT Event
    Trump says Democratic congresswomen ‘hate our country’ Workshop | San Francisco, California
    — Paris Match (@ParisMatch) Workshop on Zero-emission vessel technology
    2019.06.12ICCT Event
    Workshop | Ottawa, Canada
    And last year, Trump endorsed Romney in the Utah Senate race. Soundcraft Spirit Live 4, 24 channel console (16-4-4-2) with flightcase
    Graham, though, was one of few congressional Republicans to publicly address Trump’s remarks.
    2019.05.02ICCT Event
    https://t.co/1zqzJ3gzCu Briefing | Jakarta, Indonesia